2015 triPATHlon Overall Results

2015 triPATHlon Age Group Results

2015 triPATHlon Clydes/Athena/Relay

2015 Splash and Dash Senior Results
2015 Splash and Dash Intermediate Results

2015 Splash and Dash Junior Results


2014 triPATHlon Overall Results

2014 triPATHlon Age Group Results

2014 triPATHlon Athena/Clydesdale Results

2014 triPATHlon Relay Results

2014 Splash and Dash


Due to increment weather this year the bike portion was cancelled

2013 triPATHlon Overall Results

2013 triPATHlon  Age Group Results

2013 triPATHlon Clydesdale/Athena/Relay Results

2013 Splash and Dash Results

Overall Senior Results

Overal Intermediate Results

Overall Junior Results

2012 triPATHlon Overall Race Results

2012 triPATHlon Age Group Results

2012 triPATHlon Athena, and Clydesdale Results

2012 triPATHlon Relay Results

2012 Splash and Dash Senior Race Results

2012 Splash and Dash Intermediate Race Results

2012 Splash and Dash Junior Race Results

2011 triPATHlon Overall Race Results

2011 triPATHlon Age Group Results
2011 Athena, Clydesdale and Relay Race Results


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